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So this community is pretty dead.

Hey guys, I haven't gotten to making that list (I don't know why, I have way too much time on my hands, maybe tonight) but since the community is pretty dead currently (spread the word or POST). Remember you can post anything health related, links, articles, even personal updates, rants, excersizes etc.

p.s. this is introspect_

Here are some tips from WeightWatchers.ca on how to manage trans fats in your diet.

When shopping for groceries in the supermarket, make sure to look for products that have zero trans fat. If labels have not yet been updated, don't be shy to contact the manufacturer and ask them directly. Many companies welcome inquiries.

Make smart dietary substitutions to reduce trans fat intake. Instead of regular chips grab a bag of baked chips instead.

Keep in mind that a lot of restaurant food is baked with or deep fried in vegetable oil shortening or hydrogenated oils. Even dishes at some of the healthier restaurants, such as salmon and chicken, can contain trans fats. It is best to stick to menu items that rely on healthier cooking techniques such as steaming, grilling and broiling rather than sautéing and pan searing.

Try to add more wholesome foods to your diet. Since most packaged and processed foods contain trans fats, homemade food preparation is an easy way to use the freshest of ingredients, thereby automatically reducing your intake of trans fats.

For some trans fat-free snack suggestions, consider these ideas from WeightWatchers.ca:

Cherry tomatoes and feta cheese
Homemade muffins
Unsweetened applesauce & cinnamon
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